JOYFUL Stanley Tray Set, Leather Look, 100% Virgin PP Polymers, BPA Free, 3 Piece Set – Small, Medium & Big, Grey Color

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Color: Grey
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Products Highlights :
  • Leather Look, 100% Virgin PP Polymers, BPA Free.
  • Size: 448x290x55
  • Side Handle makes it easy to hold.

Joyful Plastics is a 28 year old legacy established in 1995. We are professional manufacturers and exporters of household plastic ware. Right from powder puff containers to pencil boxes to multi-purpose drawers to salt and pepper shakers, each of these little things play a critical role in our lives. We have always gone that extra mile to ensure that our products are made with the most advanced technologies to provide utility in people’s daily routines.

Stanley Tray Set – Grey

JOYFUL Stanley Tray Set, a perfect combination of style and functionality. With a luxurious leather look, these trays add an elegant touch to any setting. Crafted from 100% virgin PP polymers, they offer durability and are BPA-free for added safety.

The set includes three trays in varying sizes – small, medium, and big – providing versatility for serving and organizing needs. Upgrade your serving experience with the JOYFUL Stanley Tray Set, designed to elevate your home with its premium materials and sleek design.

Stylish Leather Look

he JOYFUL Stanley Tray Set features a luxurious leather look, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

High Quality

Crafted from 100% virgin PP polymers, these trays offer durability and longevity.

3 Piece Set

The set includes small, medium, and big trays, providing versatility for various serving and organizing needs.

Multipurpose Use

Utilize these trays for serving food and drinks, organizing items, or as stylish decor pieces.

Stackable Design

RThe trays can be stacked together, saving storage space when not in use and ensuring easy organization.

Functional and Elegant

The JOYFUL Stanley Tray Set combines functionality with an elegant design, elevating your serving experience while enhancing your home decor.


Rest assured knowing that these trays are free from harmful BPA, ensuring safe and worry-free use.

Vibrant Grey Color

The trays come in a vibrant red color, adding a bold and eye-catching element to your decor.

Easy to Clean

The smooth surface of these trays makes them easy to clean, allowing for hassle-free maintenance.