JOYFUL Classmate Zipper Pouch Pencil Box, Minnie Mouse Pencil Box for Kids, Pink Color


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Products Highlights :
  • Zipper Pouch, Disney Characters.
  • Separation Inside
  • Sharpener at one side & Scale, etc on other side.

Joyful Plastics is a 28 year old legacy established in 1995. We are professional manufacturers and exporters of household plastic ware. Right from powder puff containers to pencil boxes to multi-purpose drawers to salt and pepper shakers, each of these little things play a critical role in our lives. We have always gone that extra mile to ensure that our products are made with the most advanced technologies to provide utility in people’s daily routines.

Classmate Zipper Pouch Pencil Box

The JOYFUL Classmate Zipper Pouch Pencil Box is a must-have for young students. With its adorable Minnie Mouse design and vibrant pink color, this pencil box is both functional and stylish. The zipper closure ensures that all stationery items are securely stored, while the spacious interior provides ample room for pencils, erasers, and other essentials.

The durable construction and compact size make it perfect for carrying in a backpack or school bag. Let your child embrace their love for Minnie Mouse while staying organized with the JOYFUL Classmate Zipper Pouch Pencil Box.

Adorable Minnie Mouse Design

The JOYFUL Classmate Zipper Pouch Pencil Box features an adorable Minnie Mouse design that kids will love.


Made with high-quality materials, this pencil box is built to withstand everyday use and last for a long time

Spacious Interior

The pencil box offers a spacious interior that can accommodate pencils, erasers, sharpeners, and other small items.

Zipper Closure

The zipper closure ensures that all stationery items are securely stored and easily accessible whenever needed.

Compact Design

The compact size of the pencil box makes it easy to carry in a backpack or school bag, providing convenience on the go.


The lightweight design of the pencil box ensures that it doesn’t add unnecessary weight to your child’s school supplies.


The pencil box is designed with kids in mind, ensuring safety and ease of use for young students.

Easy to Clean

The pencil box can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, ensuring hygiene and maintaining its vibrant appearance.

Perfect for Minnie Mouse Fans

Ideal for Minnie Mouse fans, this pencil box allows kids to showcase their love for the beloved character while staying organized at school or home.